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Welcome to Delta County School District’s Website. Delta County School District is committed to providing a quality education to all students. Our staff provides a caring and compassionate environment as well as a rigorous and challenging curriculum. Communication between parents, communities and school is very important as we involve all stakeholders in the education of our students. The Delta County School District website is designed to assist in informing people about our School District. The school calendar, District policies, vision, sports schedules and many other items can be found from this web site or each individual schools’ website.

It is an honor to serve the many communities in Delta County as the District Superintendent. The support and enthusiasm I witness each day is tremendous. We appreciate the Delta County School District students, staff and community for creating a positive learning environment. The District continues to strive for academic excellence and fiscal responsibility. Our schools are performing well through student growth and achievement. We look forward to meeting the needs of all learners, to ensure that every student reaches his or her full potential, and to prepare our graduates to have options in college and/or enter the workforce or the military.

The recognitions and achievements of our schools are many and are the result of Board and administrator leadership, teacher/staff and student dedication, community support and parent involvement.

District Motto: Caring, Challenging, Learning . . . Every Student, Every Day!

Superintendent Goals 2018-2019

Superintendent has aligned her goals for the 2018-2019 school year with the District Strategic Plan.

  • Core Belief One – Academic Excellence
  • All Students will graduate high school and be ready for college, career and workforce ready. Action Steps:
    • Superintendent will complete at least two organized random walkthroughs with principals
    • Ensure that staff research, study and train teachers about SAT scores and to increase student performance
    • Focus on improving assessment scores for students with special needs
    • Promote students’ ownership of test prep and SAT prep
    • Ensure students are meeting content standards at or above grade level through rigorous and challenging curriculums with multiple pathways.
    • Support and promote life skills classes that students believe to be beneficial
  • Core Belief Two – Strategic Use of Resources
  • Utilizing District resources in a responsible, transparent and effective manner. Action Steps:
    • Provide professional development around Educating the Whole Child through Mind Brain Education – Neuro Teach Book
    • Recruit and retain high quality staff
    • Continue to implement class size guidelines
    • Start process of a Mill Levy Override to provide quality transportation of students and safety/security
    • Ensure facilities contribute to a safe & positive learning environment with a focus on facility needs
  • Core Belief Three – Promoting a Positive Learning Culture
  • All students, staff and community will create caring relationships and ownership of the overall culture and climate for learning. Action Steps:
    • Continue to support a culture/character program and building positive relationships (Capturing Kids Hearts)
    • Develop a Student Advisory Committee to enhance conversation between Board and students
    • Listen to students through students meetings
    • Create opportunities to receive feedback and input from communities –
    • Develop and maintain parent and community partnerships to increase opportunities for students – District Accountability share out & work with County, City & Towns, service groups
    • Build a culture of success through celebrations
    • Support and prioritize educating the whole child through academics, social emotional and success skills

These goals can be downloaded in PDF format here.